Superficial small ulcers heal rapidly by the first method. Ophthalmology. 4th ed. Ophthalmology. 4th ed. DO NOT store the lenses in saline.  Often further treatment is necessary, such as a keratotomy, which is superficial cutting or piercing of the cornea. In addition, samples will be collected and cultured for bacteria and fungi — this will also rule out conjunctivitis. A new bioscaffold developed by BR BioSurgical is being evaluated for refractory corneal ulcers in dogs. NSAIDs can cause stomach bleeding and kidney problems if not taken correctly. Diseases of the visual system. Lou A, Hong K, Lee S, mannas M, Acharya BR.

Schechter BA, Rand DJ, angler IRS. Topical corticosteroids and aesthetics should not be used on any type of corneal ulcer because they prevent healing and will often make them worse. Without attention, the cornea becomes so cloudy and scarred that light cannot travel through it, and your pet becomes blind.

Corneal ulcer